Parc Metropolitan de Pavlos Melas / Thessalonique

The future Metropolitan Park of Pavlos Melas is an open area, accessible and friendly to everyone, without exclusions, a democratic space. The future MPPM is an area for walk, leisure, sports, culture, socialization, various activities and above all a land of escape from the difficult daily routine of the city. At the same time, it is a place for education and learning for everyone, young and old alike. It consists a metropolitan workshop for the nature, humans, animals, coexistence and peace, but certainly for the remembrance of the land and the society. A designated area with imposing location and existence, with 1200 existing trees and 2500 trees to be planted, a green area beyond comparison in Thessaloniki. The existing pine trees, new olive groves and ornamental plants compose the future wealth of the Metropolitan Park. Olives, damson plums, walnuts, cherries, loquats, almonds, figs, quince trees will create familiar landscapes of Greek nature. The Metropolitan Park of Pavlos Melas is a place of memory and historical continuity. An Ottoman camp with remarkable buildings that are distinguished for their architecture. A camp-prison for many patriots during the German occupation, a place of executions.

The Park is not just a place where we receive the generosity of the nature, but a place of expression as well. Young people, with their characteristic energy, will look for alternatives and ways out of their everyday life, will enter the Metropolitan Park exploring their own spaces and paths. The aim is for the young people to find a way out in their interests, to remain in the Metropolitan Park and create and to this end, it is necessary they be offered the opportunity. Museums, monuments, municipal buildings and buildings to support the operation of the Park are proposed. All the open spaces of the Park are available for any activity that has the characteristics of common acceptance. However, the longings are not limited to open air spaces. Cultural areas where the spectators have an active role, are necessary in this Park. Areas of expression for the young and the less young people, spaces of coexistence for everyone, whether similar or different, is the objective. A shelter for everyone, a place of creation and expression, an area of edification and socializing, a meeting place for the young and the older.

The MPPM will carry thousands of young people in the next decades on a journey of knowledge, experience, in search of a better tomorrow. Sports, music, dance, painting and sculpture, yoga, recycling workshops, handicrafts, theater and cinema, reading and leisure coexist and collaborate.

Parc Metropolitan de Pavlos Melas / Thessalonique
Etude 2017 - 2018
Etude Architectural Département des services techniques de la Municipalité de Pavlos Melas
Consultants Prodromos Nikiforidis
Bernard Cuomo